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Mizuno Contender x Footpatrol


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Footpatrol and Mizuno team up for the second time in 2022 to bring us the “Pre & Post Match” edition of the Contender. With the London-based retailer celebrating its 20th Anniversary, its collaborative efforts have done well to explore underappreciated footwear brands. The tongue details the collaboration with Footpatrol’s name and anniversary featuring above the Mizuno spell-out logo in a shiny finish. A premium nubuck material in “Irongate Grey” and a supple football boot leather, are what establish the quality materials of this partnership. The glossy finish on the Runbird insignia elegantly contrasts the other muted details on the upper, giving an extra pop with its turquoise outline, a color that features throughout. The white midsoles keep things classic and let the intricate panelling above garner all the attention it ought to have.